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Ground Builders Landscaping Co.

Landscaping Design Services

Ground Builders Brings Your Vision to Life​

At Ground Builders, we specialize in creating stunning and practical 2D and 3D Landscape Design in Omaha tailored to your unique needs.Whether you are embarking on a new landscaping project or looking to revamp your existing outdoor space, our design services will bring your vision to life before we even put a shovel in the ground!

2D/3D Landscape Design Services In Omaha

We offer two types of designs to meet your project’s specific requirements

2D Designs

Ideal for straightforward projects, our 2D designs provide a clear and concise blueprint for your landscaping project.

3D Designs

For more complex projects, our 3D designs offer a realistic and immersive view of your future landscape, helping you visualize every detail.

Our Design Process

1. Initial Meeting

We review your ideas, dreams, and budget to understand your vision and start designing your space.

4. Project Approval & Deposit Collection

Once you approve the project and provide a deposit, we move forward with the next steps.

2. Design Review

We present the initial design and make any necessary changes based on your feedback.

5. Create 3D Renderings as Needed

For more complex projects, we create detailed 3D renderings to give you a realistic view of your future landscape.

3. Estimate Review

We provide a detailed estimate for your project, ensuring transparency and clarity.

6. Project Scheduling & Team Introduction

We schedule the project, introduce our production team, and order the necessary materials.

no additional cost

Complimentary Designs

For clients working with us, our design services come at no additional cost. We believe in providing value and ensuring that your project starts on the right foot. If you haven’t decided on your contractor yet, we can also create the design for a fee, allowing you to make an informed decision with a clear visual representation of your dream landscape.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise in 2D and 3D Designs

Our team has extensive experience in creating both 2D and 3D designs, ensuring that your project is perfectly visualized and planned.

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize your vision and satisfaction, working closely with you throughout the design process.

No-Cost Designs for Clients

For clients who choose us for their landscaping projects, our design services are complimentary.

Professional and Transparent Process

From the initial meeting to project completion, we maintain transparency and professionalism.

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Ready to transform your outdoor space? Contact us today for a quote and discover how our premier landscaping services can Redefine Your Outdoors. Let’s create something beautiful together!

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